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Che Bella Fiori to merge with Adorations Botanical Artistry

I recently asked God to plant me somewhere I can grow.

For twelve years, I have been the proud owner of Che Bella Fiori, a floral and event design business based in downtown San Diego. It was a dream come true to see my work blossom and bloom as we opened our very first retail shop in the charming design district of Little Italy just shy of Valentine’s Day in February 2002. As many small businesses are aware, there are ups and downs to running your own operation and my husband Jim and I have been fortunate to see both sides of that spectrum. Our little shop quickly grew and expanded into a second location, two doors down, called Che Bella Nido (meaning “beautiful nest”) which specialized in high-end home furnishings in 2006. With the fluctuation of the economy, our second store had to close its doors a few years later but we poured our heart and soul into our very first love, Che Bella.

Some time later, on a dark and dreary day, I experienced a very slow afternoon in the shop. Thinking that no one quite got what it was I was trying to accomplish, this little fairy-like girl came floating up the gate. She was full of life, a shining bright light, that was just so sweet and lovely. She admired my store, my work and already knew who I was. She had been an admirer from afar and just wanted to let me know that if there was ever a chance for us to work together, she would be honored. It was evident we spoke the same language. We shared some wine, laughs, and had the most perfect first encounter. I remember telling her how much she had truly made my day.

My husband reminded me that evening that I had prayed for an angel, and now I had one.

LaVonne Crawford is a woman of integrity, a kindred spirit. I believe that we were meant to cross paths that rainy afternoon which is a way of showing us that this life is bigger than we can even imagine. That first impression of her cheerful disposition and gracious heart has been so prevalent in our relationship as it has only continued to grow as time has gone on.

It is with my extreme honor to announce that Che Bella Fiori will be merging with LaVonne’s company, Adorations Botanical Artistry as of May 1, 2014. I will still be a part of all daily operations as I am thrilled to finally work with LaVonne the way it was meant to be. Together, we will continue to service all Che Bella clients with the same customer service they have come to know and trust, offering daily and weekly floral services and an all-new website at

When you come from a pure place, change is positive. I look forward to this incredible opportunity to join the creative forces between Che Bella Fiori and Adorations Botanical Artistry into one sacred union. “How beautiful” is that!

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PPS.  Click here for LaVonne’s side of the story.

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