11 Questions – June 28, 2009

richardfernandez Blogger Wretchard AKA Richard Fernandez founder of the Belmont Club and frequent contributor to PajamasMedia weighs in this week.

What fragrance provokes the most profound memory in you?


What is your comfort food?

“A fried egg.”

Of the six senses (ESP included) which is the strongest for you?


What is your daily daydream?

“Being in a cabin in a snowy forest sitting at a table looking out on a window, with a steaming cup of coffee in hand.”

If you found a hundred bucks on the sidewalk, what would you do with it?

“Buy groceries.”

What is your existential bliss?

“Walking without purpose.”

What are you hopeful for?

“Happiness for my wife and son.”

What is your greatest vice?

“Wasting time.”

What is your greatest virtue?

“An inability to be consciously cruel.”

What do you want from life?

“Some retirement money and about 20 years of good health.”

Does Heaven Exist?


  • jess

    I love these questions. Keep it up, Bellas.